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Flights to/from ZLA

Departures (2)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
DLH457 KLAX EDDF Enroute 1845
FDX811 KLAX PHNL Enroute 1708

Arrivals (5)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
CPA884 VHHH KLAX Enroute 1710
DAL2194 PHKO KLAX Arriving
NWA1999 KCLT KLAX Departing
SWA34 KATL KLAX Enroute 1944
DAL612 PHNL KLAX Enroute 1855

Los Angeles (SoCal) 7

Arrivals (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
UPS44MT PHNL KONT Enroute 1511

Empire (SoCal) 1

Departures (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA1043 KSAN KPHX Arriving

San Diego (SoCal) 1

Departures (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
MTN001 KPSP KSFO Enroute 1508

Palm Springs (SoCal) 1

Arrivals (3)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
VIR155M EGLL KLAS Enroute 1651
SWA2272 KPHX KLAS Enroute 1501
CJA1061 KDFW KLAS Enroute 1648

Las Vegas 3
  • Flights To/From ZLA: 13
  • Flights in ZLA Airspace: 4
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    Corona Municipal Airport

    Corona, CA

    KAJO 200756Z AUTO 26007KT 10SM CLR 12/09 A2987 RMK AO2 RAE22 SLP128 T01220094 402000106 PNO $


    260 @ 07







    Calm winds (<2kts) Rwy 25.

    Traffic Pattern Altitude: 1033 MSL (helicopters) / 1533 MSL (fixed wing)

    Use right traffic pattern for Rwy 7.

    No straight-in for Rwy 25.

    Normally enter the 45 downwind left traffic Rwy 25.

    Keep traffic pattern tight where possible, turning to final well south of Rwy 25 extended centerline (15 degree offset final recommended).

    VFR Traffic - Recommended Departures:

    • Rwy 25, climb rwy heading to 1500.
    • Rwy 7, turn 15 degrees right, no northbound turns until passing 1900.


    • Rwy 7, climbing left turn.
    • Rwy 25, climbing right turn.

    ...All aircraft continue climb direct to PDZ VORTAC. Aircraft departing PDZ R-091 CW R-140 and R-231 CW R-280 climb on course. All others continue climb in PDZ VORTAC holding pattern (hold NE, right turns, 210 degrees inbound) to cross PDZ VORTAC at or above R-141 CW R-230 4000; R-281 CW R-090 6700.

    Identifier: KAJO
    Airspace: Class G
    Airport Diagram: KAJO
    Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs)
    Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs)
    SETER FIVE Arrivals from PSP and JLI
    ZIGGY SEVEN Arrivals from HEC and PMD
    Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs)