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Flights to/from ZLA

Departures (14)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
QFA11 KLAX KJFK Enroute 2213
SIA7 KLAX RKSI Enroute 0536
UAL824 KLAX KBOS Enroute 0247
VOZ6 KLAX YBBN Enroute 1006
CPZ6010 KLAX KSMF Enroute 2214
CLX668 KLAX KJFK Enroute 0119
DAL956 KLAX KSFO Arriving
UAL314 KLAX KDEN Enroute 2315
DAL2423 KLAX KBNA Enroute 0101
DAL29 KLAX KPHX Enroute 2246
UAL460 KLAX KSFO Departing
AAL203 KLAX KORD Departing
MTN2475 KLAX KSFO Departing
PAL103 KLAX RPLL Enroute 0041

Arrivals (21)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
AAL238 RJTT KLAX Enroute 0016
AAL701 RJTT KLAX Enroute 0100
ANZ1 EGLL KLAX Enroute 0206
AAL162 PHNL KLAX Enroute 2223
GTI35 VHHH KLAX Enroute 2349
GEC8232 EDDF KLAX Enroute 0822
TWA623 KSTL KLAX Enroute 2253
ASA540 KPDX KLAX Enroute 2237
ELY005 LLBG KLAX Departing
DAL1050 KDEN KLAX Enroute 2315
AAL1050 MMSD KLAX Enroute 2322
BAW283 EGLL KLAX Enroute 0022
UAL420 KDEN KLAX Enroute 2334
QFA111 YSSY KLAX Departing
DL1552 KLAS KLAX Departing
KLM601 EHAM KLAX Enroute 0630
SWA3661 KDEN KLAX Departing
SWA6409 KDEN KLAX Departing
ASA1930 KSFO KLAX Departing
AAL170 RJAA KLAX Enroute 2222
DAL340 KSFO KLAX Departing

Los Angeles (SoCal) 35

Arrivals (3)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
DAL8206 KRDU KRIV Enroute 2326
DAL2192 KSLC KONT Enroute 2218
GTI1337 KSMF KONT Enroute 2248

Empire (SoCal) 3

Departures (5)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
UPS2411 KSAN KORD Enroute 2218
DAL1221 KSAN KATL Enroute 2227
SWA1213 KSAN MMSD Enroute 2227
SWA2988 KSAN KPHX Arriving
N43XS KSAN KLIC Enroute 2217

Arrivals (3)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
DLH466 EDDF KSAN Enroute 2225
AAL3 KSFO KSAN Departing
AAL601 KPHX KSAN Departing

San Diego (SoCal) 8

Arrivals (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
AAL214 KSJC KSNA Enroute 2244

Coast (SoCal) 1

Arrivals (2)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA5203 KPHX KBUR Departing
SWA4410 KPHX KBUR Departing

Burbank (SoCal) 2

Departures (3)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
ASA141 KLAS KSEA Arriving
NKS2069 KLAS KSEA Enroute 2235
DL1552 KLAS KLAX Departing

Arrivals (3)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA5130 KABQ KLAS Arriving
UAL1015 KIAH KLAS Enroute 2356
ASA800 KSFO KLAS Enroute 2228

Las Vegas 6
  • Flights To/From ZLA: 54
  • Flights in ZLA Airspace: 16
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