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Online Controllers Flights to/from ZLA

Departures (16)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
DAL336 KLAX KATL Departing
AAL546 KLAX KSEA Arriving
N4E KSMO KHWD Enroute 0011
UAL460 KLAX KSFO Enroute 0017
SWA3895 KLAX KELP Enroute 0047
N32FD KSMO F70 Enroute 1600
SWA1050 KLAX KSFO Enroute 0037
N927CF KSMO F70 Enroute 1600
FDX1801 KLAX KOAK Departing
DAL265 KLAX KBNA Departing
AAL1533 KLAX KSFO Enroute 0003
RCH1021 KLAX KLAS Departing
UAL1216 KLAX KSFO Departing
JBU11 KLAX KSFO Departing
UAL2186 KLAX KSFO Departing
QFA12 KLAX YSSY Departing

Arrivals (15)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
CLX37F ELLX KLAX Enroute 0011
KAL213 RKSI KLAX Enroute 0005
AAL135 EGLL KLAX Enroute 0225
AAL1903 KATL KLAX Enroute 0005
PREM119 KATL KLAX Enroute 0009
CLX55 KMIA KLAX Enroute 0127
UAL744 KDEN KLAX Enroute 0014
N1217A KSFO KLAX Departing
AAR282 RKSI KLAX Enroute 0201
DLH452 EDDM KLAX Enroute 0022
ME822 KSFO KLAX Enroute 0102
DAL5 KJFK KLAX Enroute 0413
UPS343 KSFO KLAX Departing
UAL2255 KLAS KLAX Arriving
AAL1007 KSFO KLAX Departing

Los Angeles (SoCal) 31

Departures (3)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
UPS56 KONT PHNL Enroute 0101
UPS3187 KONT PHNL Enroute 0628
FDX1438 KONT KSFO Enroute 0053

Arrivals (3)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
UPS44MT ZSPD KONT Enroute 0846
N32FD KSMO F70 Enroute 1600
N927CF KSMO F70 Enroute 1600

Empire (SoCal) 6

Departures (6)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
DAL2284 KSAN PHNL Enroute 0005
UPS2248 KSAN KPHX Departing
AAL181 KSAN KORD Departing
ASA383 KSAN KSFO Departing
DAL1591 KSAN KSFO Departing
N1534R KSAN KSFO Departing

Arrivals (2)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
DAL1174 KATL KSAN Enroute 0103
AAL2688 KPHX KSAN Enroute 0008

San Diego (SoCal) 8

Departures (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
N49 KAVX KOAK Enroute 0017

Coast (SoCal) 1

Departures (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA5618 KBUR KSFO Arriving

Burbank (SoCal) 1

Departures (3)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
KAL6 KLAS RKSI Departing
UAL2255 KLAS KLAX Arriving
JAL875 KLAS KMSY Enroute 0356

Arrivals (3)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA5274 KBUF KLAS Enroute 0055
SCX103 KMSP KLAS Arriving
RCH1021 KLAX KLAS Departing

Las Vegas 6

Arrivals (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
N6656 KABQ KSGU Departing

Other 1
  • Flights To/From ZLA: 50
  • Flights in ZLA Airspace: 32
  • Controller Schedule

    September 21st, 2019

    Los Angeles Tower
    Carter James

    ZOA-HCF xfire

    1300 - 1600 PDT / 2000 - 2300 Zulu

    Socal Approach (Combined)
    Will Wright

    Session with KB

    1700 - 1830 PDT / 0000 - 0130 Zulu

    ZLA Controller Roster

    Controller GND TWR L30 SCT ZLA
    Anello, Benjamin BA C3
    Ansari, Shehryar SA SUP
    Baggett, Charlie CB S2
    Balatbat, Kyle KB I1
    Barnett, Steven SB C1
    Bernstein, Ethan EB SUP
    Bhangu, Amolk AH S2
    Blevins, Mike MB OBS
    Boddie, Chris CD S2
    Borges, Joshua JU I3
    Caffey, Steven SY S3
    Carman, Sam SR C1
    Carson, Bruce CN S3
    Controller GND TWR L30 SCT ZLA
    Carstens, Chris CC S3
    Chan, Samuel SC S2
    Christopher, Nickolas NC I1
    Chua, Joseph CE S2
    Cooke, Kage KO S2
    Croley, Tyler TO S3
    Curtis, Austin AU OBS
    Dexter, Kevin KD S2
    Elchitz, Ian IE C3
    Ferreira, Carson CF S1
    Finkelstein, Jonah JF S1
    Fishman, Bradley BF S3
    Gehlbach, Tyler TY S2
    Gerrish, Richard RC SUP
    Ghahreman, Liam LL S3
    Controller GND TWR L30 SCT ZLA
    Goud, Munji MI C1 LOA
    Green, Adam GD S1
    Green, Joshua JR OBS
    Guffey, Evan EG OBS
    Hampton, Parker PA OBS
    Harro, Spencer SH S1
    Hennessy, Rory RH S3
    Hines, Greggor GI OBS
    Iliescu, Ion II S2
    Ioannides , Paris PI S2
    James, Carter CM S2
    Johnson, Michael MJ OBS
    Jones, Luca LJ S1
    Kaminsky, Jason JI S1
    Controller GND TWR L30 SCT ZLA
    Kapadia, Dhagash DP C1
    Kaplan, Joshua JK S2
    Keetle, Dylan KY S1
    Kelly, Christopher CK C1
    Kennerly, Alexander AK S2
    Klassen, Daniel DK S2
    Kramer, Matthew MK I1
    Leathem, Douglas DL C1
    Lopez, Baraquiel BL C1
    Luo, Ruien RU OBS
    Mangan, Chris CG OBS
    Martin, Justin A. JA C3
    Messinger, Jeffrey JM S1
    Mills, Christian CI OBS
    Mokover, Nicholas NM C1
    Mueller, Brandon BU OBS
    Nakauchi, Troy TN C1
    Noia, Enrico EN S3
    Norris, Reese RN S2 LOA
    O'Malley, Jonathan JY C3
    Obregon, Francisco FO C3
    Palmer, Cameron CP S2
    Pang, Jeffrey JG S2
    Pata, Johnathan JP S2
    Controller GND TWR L30 SCT ZLA
    Perez, Emilio EP OBS
    Podol, Eric EO S2
    Pucci, Jacob PJ S2 LOA
    Quezada, Jose JQ OBS
    Reed, Nicholas NW SUP
    Reid, Robert RR S2
    Roden, Tim TR C1
    Saffari, Anush AZ C1
    Saffari, Nick NS S3
    Saint, Micah SM OBS
    Schoen, Colin CS SUP
    Schuld, Brennan BS S1
    Shannon, Justin JS C1
    Controller GND TWR L30 SCT ZLA
    Shannon, Riley RS S2 LOA
    Shark, David DS OBS
    Sleeman, Weston WS OBS
    Smith, Justin SJ OBS
    Soehner, Jeremy JE S1
    Solon, Tom TJ SUP
    Stearns, Eric ES C3
    Taki, Fady FT OBS
    Tsien, Mark MS S1
    Venkat, Raj RE S1 LOA
    White, David DW S2
    White, John JW C1
    Wolin, Martin ML OBS
    Controller GND TWR L30 SCT ZLA
    Wright, Will WW S3
    Zhou, Wesley WZ S1
    Abrahem, Amin ZNY Visitor AB C1
    ang, darius SEA Visitor DN S1
    Barnes, Ryan ZHU Visitor BR C1
    Bartels, Matthew ZHQ Visitor MT ADM
    Beard, Zachary ZAB Visitor QT C1
    Brock, Clay ZFW Visitor CR C1
    Campbell, Matthew ZDV Visitor MM I1
    Cannon, Aaron ZTL Visitor AC C1
    Chicoine, Matt ZOA Visitor MC C3
    Cho, Steven ZOB Visitor SO S3
    Controller GND TWR L30 SCT ZLA
    Ellett, Zack ZLC Visitor ZE C1 LOA
    Everman, Daniel ZMP Visitor DE SUP
    Fries, Mike ZSE Visitor MF C3
    Gilliam, Jackson ZOA Visitor GA I1
    Guthy, Robert CAR Visitor RG C1
    Heilberg, James ZTL Visitor JH S3
    Hood, Derek ZMP Visitor DH C1
    howard, jack ZOA Visitor JD S1
    Hussain, Ashar HCF Visitor AS C1
    Jackson, Che VATME Visitor CJ C1
    Kaestner, Kyle ZKC Visitor KK I3
    Kalra, Dhruv ZMP Visitor DX SUP
    Kwasniowski, Leszek ZOB Visitor LK I1
    Controller GND TWR L30 SCT ZLA
    LaRosh, michael ZNY Visitor MH S3
    Lemp, Trevor ZOA Visitor LT C1
    Levy, Colin ZTL Visitor AD I1
    Linsenmayer, Harry HCF Visitor HL S3
    Meyer, Alexander ZFW Visitor AM S2
    Miller, Jacob ZFW Visitor JL C1
    Moore, Kells CAN Visitor KR C1 LOA
    Nunn, Josh ZBW Visitor NJ C1
    Parry, Ryan ZOA Visitor RP I1
    Peck, Jonathan ZAB Visitor NP I1
    Raabe, Chris ZBW Visitor RB C1
    Rangel, Yedi VATUSA Visitor YR S1
    Samuels, Christian ZTL Visitor CA S2
    Scarbrough, Logan ZJX Visitor LS S3
    Semeran, Paul CAR Visitor PS C1
    Controller GND TWR L30 SCT ZLA
    Skinner, Elliot ZOA Visitor EK C1
    Stern, Sawyer VATUSA Visitor ST OBS
    Syring, Tyler ZFW Visitor TS S1
    Tice, Bradley ZOA Visitor YB SUP
    Tor, Odinn ZDC Visitor OO I1
    VanHoven, Shane ZMP Visitor SQ C1
    Vitale, Michele EUD Visitor MV S3
    Wening, Brandon ZDV Visitor BW I1
    West, Cody ZFW Visitor CW S1
    Wightman, Luke CAN Visitor LW S2
    Wong, Maius ZMP Visitor AA C1
    Wu, Franklin CAN Visitor FW S1


    Don Fiveash FH S3
    Medicaly Retired Charter pilot, Director of Operations and Chief Pilot of Flight East Air Ambulance and California Aviation in the Southern California area(BUR SMO LAX VNY) Also a flight instructor in Airplane, Instrument, Mult-Engine and Jets. Currently live the good life in Washington State with wife Jan two cats and a Lake out the back door with Kookane and Rainbow Trout. Don 't you love it?

    Blue Skies May 13, 2006 Who was Don Fiveash?
    Dominic Durden DD C1
    Live in sunny SoCal. RW Pilot.

    Blue Skies July 12, 2012 Who was Dominic Durden?
    Gerry Hattendorf GH S3
    This idiot is a retired Airline Pilot and a CFMEII, He has over 1300 hours at tower, and some obsession with LAS TOWER. And you can usually find him in the cab of KLAS with the binoculars focused on the pretty girls wandering around Vegas, and if your lucky, he might even have time to issue your clearance! EOO (Equal Opportunity Offender)

    Blue Skies November 3, 2013 Who was Gerry Hattendorf?
    Bob Ackerman XM S3
    50 year old SACTS at VNY ATCT in Los Angeles, CA. I have been with the FAA since 1988.

    Blue Skies January 2011 Who was Bob Ackerman?
    Tyler Goeggel TG C1
    RIP. Blue skies my friend.

    TO/GA May 14, 2013 Who was Tyler Goeggel?