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Flights to/from ZLA

Departures (17)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
CSS7424 KLAX ZHEC Enroute 1502
DAL465 KLAX PHNL Enroute 0655
FDX1227 KLAX KMEM Enroute 0111
AAL382 KLAX KBOS Enroute 0413
AAL4 KLAX KJFK Enroute 0426
AAL274 KLAX KJFK Enroute 0419
DAL689 KLAX KRDU Arriving
UAL5977 KLAX KBOI Enroute 1220
AAL556 KLAX KPHX Enroute 1154
JBU942 KLAX KRNO Enroute 1035
GTI523 KLAX SEQM Enroute 2311
AAL875 KLAX KDFW Enroute 1600
UAL2614 KLAX KEWR Enroute 1600
SWA2343 KLAX KLAS Enroute 1600
VOI427 KLAX MMGL Enroute 0914
ASA1301 KLAX KSEA Enroute 0734
SWA1339 KLAX KPHX Enroute 1600

Arrivals (17)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
DLH456 EDDF KLAX Enroute 0935
DLH1979 EDDF KLAX Enroute 1004
THY9 LTFM KLAX Enroute 1658
UAL1403 KDEN KLAX Enroute 1552
ASA285 KEWR KLAX Enroute 1036
UAL1933 MRLB KLAX Enroute 1004
DAL442 KBOS KLAX Enroute 1000
DAL5193 KOAK KLAX Enroute 1600
DAL27 KORD KLAX Enroute 0952
AAL9831 KMIA KLAX Departing
AAL846 KMCO KLAX Enroute 1037
VIR23 EGLL KLAX Enroute 2135
UAL1474 KSFO KLAX Enroute 1316
DAL504 KBOS KLAX Departing
ACA791 CYYZ KLAX Enroute 0839
SWA1362 KSFO KLAX Enroute 1600
NKS457 KLAS KLAX Enroute 1600

Los Angeles (SoCal) 34

Departures (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA2728 KONT KSMF Enroute 1600

Empire (SoCal) 1

Departures (4)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
DAL894 KSAN KATL Enroute 0125
N618BY KSDM KJAC Enroute 1922
SCRCH55 KNZY KIPL Enroute 0530
ASA1424 KSAN MMPR Enroute 2046

Arrivals (4)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
DAL866 KDTW KSAN Enroute 0912
SWA1640 KDEN KSAN Enroute 1012
SWA2208 KSMF KSAN Enroute 1029
AAL249 KLAS KSAN Enroute 1009

San Diego (SoCal) 8

Departures (4)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA2602 KSNA KAUS Arriving
AAL2458 KSNA KAUS Arriving
SWA2924 KLGB KMDW Enroute 0216
SWA2535 KLGB KOAK Enroute 1930

Coast (SoCal) 4

Departures (3)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
ACL23 KBUR KSJC Enroute 1600
SWA1535 KBUR KSJC Enroute 1600
SWA3090 KBUR KDEN Enroute 1600

Burbank (SoCal) 3

Arrivals (2)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
N5125B KIPL KPSP Enroute 1600
DAL1524 KTUS KPSP Enroute 1600

Palm Springs (SoCal) 2

Departures (7)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
AAY99 KLAS KMLI Enroute 0306
AAL249 KLAS KSAN Enroute 1009
AAY1630 KLAS KFSD Enroute 0039
SWA3197 KLAS KSMF Enroute 1600
GTI3671 KLAS KAFW Enroute 0936
FFT1998 KLAS KLIT Enroute 1600
NKS457 KLAS KLAX Enroute 1600

Arrivals (10)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA359 KTPA KLAS Enroute 1343
AAY3082 KVPS KLAS Enroute 1035
DAL4751 KMSP KLAS Enroute 1123
ACA1060 CYVR KLAS Enroute 1614
DAL789 KMSP KLAS Enroute 1008
AAY33 KOAK KLAS Enroute 1600
SWA2495 KSEA KLAS Enroute 1015
EJA225 KBZN KLAS Enroute 1331
SWA2343 KLAX KLAS Enroute 1600
SWA2209 KOAK KLAS Enroute 1332

Las Vegas 17

Arrivals (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
N801XL KSZP KSBA Enroute 1600

Santa Barbara 1

Departures (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
N5125B KIPL KPSP Enroute 1600

Arrivals (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SCRCH55 KNZY KIPL Enroute 0530

Other 2
  • Flights To/From ZLA: 72
  • Flights in ZLA Airspace: 36
  • Controller Schedule

    June 4th, 2023

    Las Vegas Approach
    Jack Croteau

    Session with WX

    1800 - 1900 PDT / 0100 - 0200 Zulu

    Socal Approach (Combined)
    Joshua Daily

    Session with NC

    1800 - 1930 PDT / 0100 - 0230 Zulu

    ZLA Controller Roster

    Controller GND TWR SAN L30 SCT ZLA
    Ahmedani, Mustafa MX I1
    Anello, Benjamin BA C3
    Ansari, Shehryar SA SUP
    Autry, Troy TT C1
    Baker, Brody BY S3
    Balatbat, Kyle KB I1
    Barnett, Steven SB C1
    Baxter, Nicholas NB S1
    Blier, Ben BB S3
    Borges, Joshua JU SUP
    Bosher, John AB OBS
    Boyer, Louis LB S3
    Brooks, Jovan BV S2
    Buscher, JD BJ OBS
    Controller GND TWR SAN L30 SCT ZLA
    Cabrel, Chevalier CB S1
    Caffey, Steven SY S3
    Capps, Bradley BP S2 LOA
    Carman, Sam SR C1
    Carson, Bruce CN S3
    Christopher, Nickolas NC I1
    Clark, Judson CU S3 LOA
    Clemente, Eliel EL OBS
    Collins, Jacob JL S1
    Comstock, Adam AT OBS
    Cook, Tasha TC OBS
    Coyle, Nicholas NO S1
    Croteau, Jack CJ S3
    Daily, Joshua UF S3
    Controller GND TWR SAN L30 SCT ZLA
    Del Buono, Matthew MD S1
    Delong, Trevor TE S1
    Doe, David DA S1
    Douglas, Donald DU S1
    Elchitz, Ian IE C3
    Ellison, LaMar LE S1
    Eng, Andrew ED S1
    Evans, Mike ME ADM
    Fassett, Bryan BS S2
    Fishman, Bradley BF I1
    Garcia, Elon EA S2
    Gaupin, Luc LG C1
    Gehlbach, Tyler TY S3
    Glad, Nickolai NG S1 LOA
    Controller GND TWR SAN L30 SCT ZLA
    Gorodetzki, Max MO I1
    Goud, Munji MI C1 LOA
    Grenda, Jack JD S2 LOA
    Grooms, Maxine MS C1
    Hadleigh, Jeff JH S2
    Hardy, James HM OBS
    Henry, Caleb CH S2
    Ho, Jonathan HJ OBS
    Hough, Jake HA S2
    Hudson, Bryce BH S2
    Hugonnett, Andrew ND C1
    Controller GND TWR SAN L30 SCT ZLA
    Jahnny, Brian JN S3
    Kane, Ketan WN S2
    Keetle, Dylan DT S3
    Kennerly, Alexander OK S3
    Kline, Matt KM S2
    Kollat, Eric EK C1
    Kramer, Matthew MK I1
    Lam, Kyle KL S2
    Le, Harry HL OBS
    Lim, Brent LR S1
    Logan, Zachary ZO S1
    Lopez, Andres AL S2
    Lopez, Baraquiel BL I1
    Maggipinto, David DM C3
    Controller GND TWR SAN L30 SCT ZLA
    Maltez, Norlan NM S3
    Manning, Simon AF OBS
    Martin, Justin A. JA C3
    Megowan, Tony TA S2
    Moulton, John JO S2
    Nguyen, Justin JY S2
    Nguyen, Kevin KU OBS
    Noia, Enrico EN C1
    Pang, Jeffrey JG S3
    Pata, Johnathan JP S2
    Pearson, Reece RS S1
    Peterson, Carter CT S1
    Polakoff, Daneel DO C1
    Rea, Ron RR S2
    Reed, Nicholas William NW C3
    Controller GND TWR SAN L30 SCT ZLA
    Reynolds, Rick RN OBS
    Rinehart, Quinton QR S2
    Riss, August AR OBS
    Sabransky, Will WX C3
    Saffari, Nick NS C1
    Santhalingam, Vetri VS S2
    Schack, Chris SK S2
    Schoen, Colin CS C1
    Schuld, Brennan BU S1
    Shannon, Justin JS C3
    Shore, Ellis EH S1
    Signorelli, Jack JE S1
    Soliman, Raphael RO S2
    Controller GND TWR SAN L30 SCT ZLA
    Solon, Tom TJ SUP
    Stearns, Eric ES C3
    Stevens, Matthew ST S3
    Thompson, Brady TB S2
    Thompson, Eli EY S3
    Vaughan, Justin VJ C1
    White, David DW S2
    Williams, Darion DI S2
    Wright, Will WW S3
    Zimmerman, Chase CZ I1
    Alderton, Ryan GBR Visitor RL S3
    Bailey, Richard ZMP Visitor RA C1
    Bartig, Zachary ZAE Visitor ZB OBS
    Controller GND TWR SAN L30 SCT ZLA
    Brock, Clay ZFW Visitor CR I1
    Burton, Matthew ZSE Visitor MB C1
    Cabael, Brandon ZAE Visitor BC OBS
    Carroll, Ryan ZTL Visitor RC S1
    Chicoine, Matt ZOA Visitor MC C3
    Cox, Chris ZAE Visitor CX OBS
    Cullum, Eric ZTL Visitor EC OBS
    DeLand, Ryan ZAE Visitor RE OBS
    Deschene, Aidan ZOB Visitor AE C1
    Edwards, Cole GBR Visitor CE S2
    Everman, Daniel ZMP Visitor DE I1
    Feng, Lloyd ZNY Visitor LF S3
    Fragoso, Guilherme ZBW Visitor GF OBS
    Controller GND TWR SAN L30 SCT ZLA
    Gillett, Kaaron ZAE Visitor KG S2
    Gong, Alex ZAB Visitor AO S2
    Green, Brandon ZAE Visitor BN OBS
    Hansson, Arvid GBR Visitor AH C3
    Harper, Mark VATCAN Visitor MP S3
    Hochberg, Ethan ZDV Visitor EE S2
    hong, jimin KOR Visitor HI S3
    howard, mathew ZOA Visitor MW S2
    Jacklin, Jordan ZLC Visitor JJ S2
    Jenkins, Austin ZFW Visitor AK C1
    Ji, Seungmun KOR Visitor SJ SUP
    Kalra, Dhruv ZMP Visitor DX SUP
    Kearney, Braden ZBW Visitor BR C1
    Kim, Andrew EUR Visitor KN C1
    Controller GND TWR SAN L30 SCT ZLA
    Koskie, Jack CAN Visitor KJ I1
    Kutcher, Bryan ZAE Visitor BK S1
    LaRosh, michael ZNY Visitor MH C1
    Larreal, David ZAE Visitor LA OBS
    Leathem, Douglas ZSE Visitor DL C1
    Lee, Sangmin VATPAC Visitor SE OBS
    Legovic, Connor VATUK Visitor CG OBS
    Levy, Colin ZTL Visitor AD C3
    Lindsey, Ben ZLC Visitor BI I1
    LU, ZHENYU PRC Visitor ZL I1
    Lyon, Seth ZAB Visitor SL I1
    martin, james ZDC Visitor JM S3
    May, Peter ZJX Visitor PM C1
    McKenzie, Angus PAC Visitor AC C1
    Mulukutla, Saarang ZAU Visitor SU S3
    Murray, Patrick ZOA Visitor PA S1
    Nelson, Max ZFW Visitor NA C1
    Nurding, Alex ZDV Visitor AW S3
    Nyquist, Joe ZAU Visitor JQ S3
    O'Malley, Jonathan ZFW Visitor JT I1
    Paredes, Jiancarlos CAR Visitor PJ C3
    Park, Juyong CAN Visitor JR C1
    Pinto, David VATUSA Visitor PD S3
    Pollak, Ralph ZBW Visitor PK S3
    Prickett, Chase ZME Visitor CP C1
    Radke, Taylor ZBW Visitor TK S3
    Rhody, Cole ZDV Visitor CO S3
    Roman, Jack ZAE Visitor RK OBS
    Controller GND TWR SAN L30 SCT ZLA
    Rosenberg, Ben ZBW Visitor BO S3
    Rufe, Devin ZNY Visitor DR S3
    Santanastaso, Anthony ZHQ Visitor AN I3
    Solomon, Zev ZOA Visitor ZS S1
    Spin, Anthony ZAE Visitor AS S1
    Sungho, Park ZAE Visitor PS OBS
    Thorburn, Brodie PAC Visitor BT S3
    Tice, Bradley ZOA Visitor YB C1
    Tschopp, Noah ZAE Visitor NT OBS
    VanHoven, Shane ZMP Visitor SQ C3
    West, Cody PCF Visitor CW S1
    Wilkins, Austin ZFW Visitor XD SUP
    Wong, Maius ZMP Visitor AA C3


    Don Fiveash FH S3
    Medicaly Retired Charter pilot, Director of Operations and Chief Pilot of Flight East Air Ambulance and California Aviation in the Southern California area(BUR SMO LAX VNY) Also a flight instructor in Airplane, Instrument, Mult-Engine and Jets. Currently live the good life in Washington State with wife Jan two cats and a Lake out the back door with Kookane and Rainbow Trout. Don 't you love it?

    Blue Skies May 13, 2006 Who was Don Fiveash?
    Dominic Durden DD C1
    Live in sunny SoCal. RW Pilot.

    Blue Skies July 12, 2012 Who was Dominic Durden?
    Gerry Hattendorf GH S3
    This idiot is a retired Airline Pilot and a CFMEII, He has over 1300 hours at tower, and some obsession with LAS TOWER. And you can usually find him in the cab of KLAS with the binoculars focused on the pretty girls wandering around Vegas, and if your lucky, he might even have time to issue your clearance! EOO (Equal Opportunity Offender)

    Blue Skies November 3, 2013 Who was Gerry Hattendorf?
    Bob Ackerman XM S3
    50 year old SACTS at VNY ATCT in Los Angeles, CA. I have been with the FAA since 1988.

    Blue Skies January 2011 Who was Bob Ackerman?
    Tyler Goeggel TG C1
    RIP. Blue skies my friend.

    TO/GA May 14, 2013 Who was Tyler Goeggel?
    Ezra Sugar EZ C3
    Ezra lives in Orange County, CA where he is currently jobless. He recently graduated from Mount San Antonio College's Air Traffic Control Training Program. Currently awaiting hire by the FAA his interests include Aviation, Computers, and Trading Securities. He also enjoys playing Basketball and watching the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Blue Skies May 17, 2020