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Example Approaches — PSP RNAV Z 13R Last updated: 2018-04-07

At first glance this approach looks pretty complex; and it is...for the pilot. The easiest way to clear for this approach would be to clear from an IAF. TRM, FERNN, and SBONO are all IAFs. FERNN is on the SIZLR arrival and SBONO is on the SBONO arrival, so much of the traffic that is capable of using this approach will already be routed via an IAF.

“N123SX, cleared R-NAV Yankee runway one three right approach.”

Aircraft may be cleared for approaches containing RF legs:

a. Via published transitions, or

b. In accordance with 7110.65 section 4-8-6h.

c. Do not clear aircraft direct to any waypoint beginning or within an RF leg.

d. Do not assign fix/waypoint crossing speeds in excess of charted speed restrictions.

As none of the criteria in sections b-d can be met on this approach, clearing from an IAF is the only way this approach may begin.

Note if something’s enclosed in parentheses in the approach title, it’s not spoken. In this case, the “(RNP)” is not spoken; the same is true with the more common “RNAV (GPS)” approaches, the “(GPS)” part is not spoken.