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Ground — Introduction to Ground Control Last updated: 2017-07-10

1. Ground Control

Ground Control or Ground Movement Control, as it is sometimes known, is responsible, besides other duties, for keeping an orderly flow of traffic on the airport movement areas(eg Taxiways, inactive runways). Alongside this, Ground Control also assists Local Control in scanning of active runways, serving as Clearance Delivery at those airports not staffed by such a position, whether temporarily or permanently, as well as in certain cases controlling the movement of aircraft into and out of certain non-movement areas(eg Ramps).

Ground Control, is in one sense, the marshaller of almost everything that goes on, on the airport grounds. It is there to ensure that the aircraft get to their destination(eg Runway, gate, an another part of the airport) as efficiently as possible, with the minimal of delay, while making sure that they don't affect each other. This process requires constant scanning of both the aircraft on the move and their flight progress strips. Also of major importance, is scanning of all the areas that these aircraft will traverse, to ensure that no conflicts occur between the aircraft themselves, nor that anything gets in the way which could adversely affect this movement(eg Ash, precipitation, debris).