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Alias Guide — General Aliases Last updated: 2019-06-24


.rx - Ask the pilot if they are able to receive voice.

.resend - Ask the pilot to resend their flight plan.

.sidchart [sid codename] | .starchart [star codename] - Ask the pilot if they have charts for the procedure you specify.

.type | .equip | .typeequip - Ask the pilot for their type aircraft, equipment onboard, or both.

.depwx | .arrwx - Provide the wind and altimeter setting for the departure or arrival airport in the pilot's flight plan.

.info [code] [airport] - Provide the pilot with the given ATIS code at the airport you specify.

.newatis [code] [airport] - Use this with no aircraft selected to notify all pilots that the ATIS code has changed.

.vinfo [code] [airport] - Ask the pilot to verify they have the correct ATIS code at the airport specified.

.thanks | .ty - A longer message and a shorter message, respectively, to thank the pilot for flying before they log off or leave your airspace.

.dis - Shortcut for disregard.

.brb | .brbin [minutes] - Let pilots know you'll return shortly or in a number of minutes you specify.*

.back - Let pilots know when you've returned.*

.closing | .closingin [minutes] - Let pilots know you'll be closing in 15 minutes or in a number of minutes you specify.*

.closed | .closedu - Let pilots know that your position is now closed. The second alias lets pilots know they can switch to unicom.*

.closedho [controller ID] - Let pilots know that your position is closed and instruct them to contact the controller you specify.*



.ho [controller ID] - Hand the pilot to the specified controller.

.hou - Release the pilot from your frequency ("u" is alias shorthand for unicom).

.hodu - Let the pilot know that departure is offline and release them from your frequency.

.rem - Tell the pilot to remain on your frequency.

.lmatwr [direction] - For bravo and charlie tower controllers. Advise the pilot they are leaving your airspace in the specified direction, instruct them to squawk VFR, and release them from your frequency.

.lmadelta [direction] - For delta tower controllers. Same as above, but without the squawk instruction.


*Deselect any aircraft you have selected before using this alias.