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Flights to/from ZLA

Departures (2)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
DLH457 KLAX EDDF Enroute 1844
FDX811 KLAX PHNL Enroute 1710

Arrivals (4)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
CPA884 VHHH KLAX Enroute 1710
NWA1999 KCLT KLAX Departing
SWA34 KATL KLAX Enroute 1847
DAL612 PHNL KLAX Enroute 1852

Los Angeles (SoCal) 6

Arrivals (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
UPS44MT PHNL KONT Enroute 1511

Empire (SoCal) 1

Departures (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA1043 KSAN KPHX Arriving

San Diego (SoCal) 1

Departures (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
MTN001 KPSP KSFO Enroute 1511

Palm Springs (SoCal) 1

Arrivals (3)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
VIR155M EGLL KLAS Enroute 1653
SWA2272 KPHX KLAS Enroute 1505
CJA1061 KDFW KLAS Enroute 1648

Las Vegas 3
  • Flights To/From ZLA: 12
  • Flights in ZLA Airspace: 3
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    Santa Maria Public / Capt. G. Allan Hancock Field

    Santa Maria, CA

    KSMX 200751Z AUTO 00000KT 8SM FEW021 BKN070 OVC100 12/11 A2991 RMK AO2 SLP130 T01220111 401940122


    000 @ 00







    Obstacle Departure Procedure:

    • Rwy 2, climbing left turn
    • Rwy 12, climbing left turn (do not exceed 230 KIAS until established northwestbound to GLJ VOR).
    • Rwy 20, Not Authorized.
    • Rwy 30, climb heading 294°.

    ...All aircraft: climb direct GLJ VOR, then continue climb to airway MEA via GLJ R-300 to intercept MQO R-137 to MQO VORTAC. Cross MQO VORTAC at or above MEA/MCA for assigned route of flight.

    Identifier: KSMX
    Airspace: Class D
    Airport Diagram: KSMX
    Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs)
    BUELT FOUR North/South SID via FLW, FRAMS, GVO and RZS.
    Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs)