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Departures (14)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
CSS7424 KLAX ZHEC Enroute 1426
DAL465 KLAX PHNL Enroute 0641
FDX1227 KLAX KMEM Enroute 0112
AAL382 KLAX KBOS Enroute 0412
MET4456 KLAX KEUG Enroute 1238
AAL4 KLAX KJFK Enroute 0423
AAL274 KLAX KJFK Enroute 0404
DAL689 KLAX KRDU Enroute 0031
UAL5977 KLAX KBOI Enroute 1110
AAL556 KLAX KPHX Enroute 0937
JBU942 KLAX KRNO Enroute 1600
GTI523 KLAX SEQM Enroute 0951
UAL2614 KLAX KEWR Enroute 1600
SWA2343 KLAX KLAS Enroute 1600

Arrivals (20)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
DLH456 EDDF KLAX Enroute 0906
DLH1979 EDDF KLAX Enroute 1001
THY9 LTFM KLAX Enroute 1654
UAL1403 KDEN KLAX Enroute 0935
ACA791 CYYZ KLAX Enroute 1220
UPS73 KSDF KLAX Enroute 1445
ASA285 KEWR KLAX Enroute 0956
UAL1205 PHKO KLAX Enroute 1600
UAL1933 MRLB KLAX Enroute 0920
DAL442 KBOS KLAX Enroute 0919
DAL5193 KOAK KLAX Enroute 1600
DAL27 KORD KLAX Enroute 0948
ASA1092 KSEA KLAX Enroute 0956
AAL2709 KLAS KLAX Enroute 1537
AAL9831 KMIA KLAX Departing
UPS2040 KJFK KLAX Enroute 0933
AAL846 KMCO KLAX Enroute 0952
VIR23 EGLL KLAX Departing
UAL1474 KSFO KLAX Enroute 1600
HAL2 PHNL KLAX Enroute 1600

Los Angeles (SoCal) 34

Departures (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA2728 KONT KSMF Enroute 1613

Empire (SoCal) 1

Departures (4)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
DAL894 KSAN KATL Enroute 0126
ETD6989 KSAN KMDW Enroute 0059
N618BY KSDM KJAC Enroute 1451
SCRCH55 KNZY KIPL Enroute 1850

Arrivals (5)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
DAL866 KDTW KSAN Enroute 0957
DAL2346 KSFO KSAN Enroute 1801
SWA1640 KDEN KSAN Enroute 0532
SWA2208 KSMF KSAN Enroute 1600
AAL249 KLAS KSAN Enroute 1600

San Diego (SoCal) 9

Departures (3)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA2602 KSNA KAUS Enroute 0030
AAL2458 KSNA KAUS Enroute 0033
SWA2924 KLGB KMDW Enroute 0217

Arrivals (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA3145 KLAS KLGB Enroute 1825

Coast (SoCal) 4

Arrivals (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA279 KSMF KBUR Enroute 1600

Burbank (SoCal) 1

Departures (4)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
AAL2709 KLAS KLAX Enroute 1537
SWA3145 KLAS KLGB Enroute 1825
AAY99 KLAS KMLI Enroute 1815
AAL249 KLAS KSAN Enroute 1600

Arrivals (11)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA359 KTPA KLAS Enroute 0959
AAY3082 KVPS KLAS Enroute 0939
DAL4751 KMSP KLAS Enroute 1009
ACA1060 CYVR KLAS Enroute 1011
DAL789 KMSP KLAS Enroute 0938
AAY33 KOAK KLAS Enroute 1600
SWA2495 KSEA KLAS Enroute 1039
EJA225 KBZN KLAS Enroute 1004
SWA2343 KLAX KLAS Enroute 1600
DAL543 KDCA KLAS Departing
SWA2209 KOAK KLAS Enroute 1600

Las Vegas 15

Arrivals (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
N801XL KSZP KSBA Enroute 1327

Santa Barbara 1

Arrivals (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SCRCH55 KNZY KIPL Enroute 1850

Other 1
  • Flights To/From ZLA: 66
  • Flights in ZLA Airspace: 26
  • Controller Schedule

    June 4th, 2023

    Las Vegas Approach
    Jack Croteau

    Session with WX

    1800 - 1900 PDT / 0100 - 0200 Zulu

    Socal Approach (Combined)
    Joshua Daily

    Session with NC

    1800 - 1930 PDT / 0100 - 0230 Zulu

    A Guide to Preparing for Sessions at vZLA

    ZLA’s training progression requires strong commitment from controllers. But how can students exercise such commitment? This article details several ways that student controllers can effectively prepare for training sessions.


    1. Finding Your Method

    The most important tip of all is to find what works for you. Draw from other life experiences to figure out how you can make the most out of this hobby. This also means, while others can provide as many tips as possible, the final responsibility is on you to know how best you learn and to have the proper mindset when working through the world of virtual ATC.

    2. Making Materials

    A great way to internalize information is to use creative study tools such as flash cards, cheat sheets, or games designed to help you learn the information. However, the full potential of these materials is unlocked by making the material yourself. This way, you are able to cater to your method of learning (as discussed in tip 1), while also gaining additional information retention by being the one to record the information.

    3. Active Observing

    One way to learn how to effectively control a position is to watch experienced controllers control. The most important questions to ask is, “Why is this person doing that?” With this question, you are able to internalize SOP or controlling technique. See if you can find an SOP reason, or 7110.65 regulation, that would explain the controller’s actions, or connect later events as a consequence to the controller’s actions. If you can’t figure out why a controller did something -- ask! Either use private chat within VRC or reach out to them in Discord. Just don’t be offended if they’re busy and have to circle back to you later.

    4. Asking Questions

    Asking questions is an important part of effective learning to either reinforce your own understanding or to get multiple opinions on something you may not be sure about. Be sure, however, to incorporate your own research to have concrete references for your knowledge. Your knowledge should not be entirely composed of “x told me this, y told me that”; rather, it should be a culmination of various resources.

    5. Continued Practice

    Preparing to work a new position does not mean to dedicate your entire time on the VATSIM network to it. Not only will it likely get boring quickly, resulting in burnout, but it is also damaging to your performance because your foundational skills begin to atrophy. As you prepare and wait for your next training session, continue to practice the skills of the previous rating as to not lose them. If possible (especially when transitioning from a minor position to a major position), practice the concepts of the next rating so that you are better prepared. And above all, keep it fun! Remember that in the end, flight simulation is a hobby; you should enjoy it.


    We hope this article has been helpful in your journey at vZLA!