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Controlling Software — VRC Setup Last updated: 2022-09-05

VRC is the primary controlling tool you will use. It has your radar screen, flight plan editing abilities, and communication capabilities. This is the software you will use to connect to VATSIM. This lesson will cover how to set it up prior to your first session on sweatbox. It will also cover ZLA specific notes on using this software.

You must first get a sector file and position (POF) file in order for VRC to work. These are available from local ARTCC’s. ZLA’s sector file and POF file are available on the ZLA website. You are required to have the most current version of these files at ZLA, update notifications are posted in the ZLA forum.

A detailed VRC setup video for your first sweatbox session (after passing the clearance delivery exam) can be found at https://laartcc.org/page/vrcvideo.