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ZLA Training Progression: How does it work?

Tim Roden, our Training Administrator, explains the steps and answers some common questions about ZLA's training program.

Maintaining Calm

There is nothing better in the Simulated World of VATSIM than having a calm steady voice guiding you into your destination airport safely in adverse weather conditions.

VFR Training - A Special SoCal Guide

Former ZLA Chief Jeff Clark reviews the tips and tricks associated with controlling VFR traffic within ZLA. This is an excellent article to read while preparing for a Senior Student OTS.

ZLA Weather Upgrade!

Read a thorough overview of ZLA's new Weather Pages - complete with every NEXRAD, CONUS and SIGMET you can stomach!

Mastering the KAYOH5 Arrival

Ever been confused by the KAYOH5 arrival into John Wayne? TRACON Lead David Walsh provides a sequel to his "Mastering the ILS 24R" article from 2003.

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