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New Members: If you do not receive a welcome e-mail within 48 hours of assignment to ZLA, please e-mail hr [at] laartcc.org with your CID.
March 31, 2015 - [NOTAM] Los Angeles Local Control (Tower) SOP Updated
March 09, 2015 - [NOTAM] KLAX RWY 7R/25L closed until April 8th

What not to do when flying within ZLA
Many of the same pilot deviations are repeated on a daily basis within ZLA. In the spirit of providing tactical guidance to pilots that are planning on undertaking a flight within the Los Angeles ARTCC, we have compiled a list of the most common deviations and presented them in a single, compact list.

The First Session at ZLA
This article covers all of the basics of ZLA procedures to help you prepare for your initial S1 training session.

What Does 1-3a Mean to ZLA Controllers?
For the new ZLA controllers, the term 1-3a can be confusing and unfamiliar. In this step by step guide, the position relief and acquisition process will be thoroughly explained!

How To Be a Good Test Pilot for Controllers in Training
Each month ZLA provides over 100 hours of live training sessions. Our students could never gain the required experience without the help of the pilots who provide them with traffic. Wayne Conrad delivers some important ground rules that all pilots should consider when flying in student skies.

Airspace Transponder and Communication Requirements
ZLA's airports lie within a wide variety of airspaces including 3 class B, 5 class C, and 30 class D's. Veteran ZLA Pilot Wayne Conrad checks in with an article from the pilot perspective aimed at simplifying what you need to know to fly in each of them.

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