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Flights to/from ZLA

Departures (9)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
PAC789 KLAX RKSI Enroute 1205
GTI9965 KLAX EDDP Arriving
THY180 KLAX LTFM Enroute 1831
THY185 KLAX LTFM Enroute 1844
AAL2004 KLAX KPHL Arriving
IRA984 KLAX TNCM Enroute 1342
AAL305 KLAX YBBN Enroute 2209
LOT2PG KLAX EPWA Enroute 1937
KAL012 KLAX RKSI Enroute 1408

Arrivals (12)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
LOT21 EPWA KLAX Enroute 2311
SWA4687 PHNL KLAX Enroute 1931
AAL14K KJFK KLAX Enroute 2008
AAL471 EIDW KLAX Enroute 0151
UAL1138 MGGT KLAX Enroute 1950
SWA2205 KBWI KLAX Enroute 2042
VIR7B EGLL KLAX Enroute 0253
DAL479 KBOS KLAX Enroute 2224
OOMOQ EBLG KLAX Enroute 0514
BAW56T YMAV KLAX Enroute 2001
IBE6171 LEMD KLAX Enroute 0435
ECP45K EBBR KLAX Departing

Los Angeles (SoCal) 21

Departures (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
FDX8918 KSAN KPHX Enroute 2139

San Diego (SoCal) 1

Arrivals (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
SWA1921 KRNO KBUR Enroute 1600

Burbank (SoCal) 1

Departures (13)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
9MAPL KLAS MMLP Enroute 1600
SWA1599 KLAS KRNO Enroute 0602
SWA1246 KLAS KRNO Enroute 1946
SWA4093 KLAS KRNO Enroute 0216
AAL1655 KLAS KRNO Enroute 1600
SWA1227 KLAS KRNO Enroute 0603
SWA4195 KLAS KRNO Enroute 0249
ROA650 KLAS KRNO Enroute 0523
NKS217 KLAS KRNO Enroute 0203
SWA1892 KLAS KRNO Enroute 0200
SWA1335 KLAS KRNO Enroute 2306
DAL264 KLAS KRNO Enroute 1600
9MQFA KLAS MMLP Enroute 1600

Arrivals (1)

Callsign Dep Arr Status ETA
VIR129 YSSY KLAS Enroute 1859

Las Vegas 14
  • Flights To/From ZLA: 37
  • Flights in ZLA Airspace: 1
  • Controller Schedule

    June 17th, 2024

    Lindbergh Tower
    Oliver Klopp

    Session with CH

    1930 - 2100 PDT / 0230 - 0400 Zulu

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